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Socio-economic and humanitarian aspects of digitalization
The impact of digital transformation on social development
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How digital transformation impacts and determines business
Digitalization will not only increase the country's competitiveness by ensuring economic growth and national sovereignty, but also it may improve the quality of citizens' life as well as contribute to making goods and services more accessible. Improving the digital literacy of the population will ensure the development of human resources, which will lead to the emergence of new opportunities for enterprises by optimizing their structure and managing working communications more efficiently.
Marketing instruments
The development of the information society, as well as the digitalization of the economy and globalization, determine the digital transformation of marketing, which in turn creates the conditions for the competitive development of the Russian economy. Digital marketing involves the implementation of marketing activities by dint of appealing to digital technologies. Currently, digital technologies are most actively used in the areas of IT, telecommunications, finance, fuel and energy, trade and production. Constraining factors for digitalization of marketing today are low level of competition, lack of effective demand, etc.
PR and digital media
Nowadays we can observe a sharp increase in the requirements for the quality of communications and content. Digital experience allows the media to accelerate significantly the pace of work. Audience, in its turn, is able to choose from a huge number of channels of different directions. According to experts, soon all communications will be tied to digital channels, and the profession of a PR specialist due to automation will contain more creativity and less routine work. New media, the key characteristics of which are digital format, interactivity and multimedia, change not only the nature of information consumption, increasing its accessibility, but also affect the features of the media texts themselves, transforming their genres, offering a new text structure and various expressive means.
Urban digital culture
Digital technologies may improve the well-being of citizens, make the city safer and more comfortable for living, create favorable conditions for business, entrepreneurship and the scientific community, as well as contribute to the formation of social cohesion.
Man in the city
A relevant modern trend is the creation of a comfortable, developing, cultural and safe urban environment for every person through the use of digital technologies, including city management using artificial intelligence based on big data.
Digitalization of education
The digitalization of education is aimed at improving it by creating competent personnel. The process will help to achieve the following indicators by 2024: 40% of the Russian population will have digital skills, and 800,000 people a year will become competitors in the field of information and communication technologies at the global average.
Digital divide
The Government of the Russian Federation plans to provide universal fast Internet access by 2024 in order to bridge the digital divide between the regions. Vladimir Putin said that by this time the construction of fiber-optic communication lines to most of the settlements where more than 250 people live will be completed. By the end of 2019, 13,958 settlements with a population of 250-500 people will be connected to the Internet. By 2025, provision of the population with universal communication services should be completed. However, nowadays the problems of insufficient quality of Internet and telephone communications in Russia are relevant.
Labor market transformation
One of the key indicators of the digitalization of the labor market is the proportion of people with digital literacy and key competencies in the digital economy. Together with the digital economy companies, a methodology has been developed for forecasting personnel requirements for the digital economy. Nowadays, the importance of digital competencies turns bigger and bigger for job seekers.