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Digital retail
Marketplace, cross-border sales, new consumer scenarios and all about them
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Digital Age Retail
Despite the digital revolution in retail, traditional stores are still the main place to shop. Therefore, the current trend in this area is the integration of consumer experience in offline stores into the digital ecosystem. An essential component of the retailer's competitiveness today is high-quality omnichannel service.
Offline retail
Considering the development of Internet technologies, traditional retail is no longer the only way to purchase the desired product. However, offline purchases remain popular with a wide range of consumers. The main reason for this may be the ability to assess the physical properties of the goods before purchase. An important role is played by direct communication with the seller. The choice of a traditional store also allows you to pay for goods in cash, without leaving a "digital footprint".
Online retail
Previously, almost every platform for online trading brought income, but nowadays users put forward increasingly higher requirements for design, reporting, and ease of payment. Most potential buyers react negatively to direct advertising, even if they are really interested in purchasing a product or receiving a service.

Online retailers may equip themselves with native advertising, storytelling, sales funnels, promotions, useful and interesting content. But the following question is still open: how to increase not only site traffic, but also the amount of the check?