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Digital industry
According to the departmental project "Digital Industry" of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the digital transformation of the industry includes three areas. The first involves the creation of a regulatory environment. The second is the development, integration and development of platforms of the state industry information system. The third area involves the digital transformation of manufacturing industries.
The goal of the departmental project "Digital Energy" of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation is to transform the domestic energy infrastructure through the introduction of digital technologies and platform solutions. The project provides for a number of activities in four areas. The key one is the common direction for all sectors of the fuel and energy complex (FEC) to create the conditions for the development and development of digital services and solutions. The project also involves the implementation of three areas of digitalization of individual sectors of the fuel and energy sector: the electric power industry, the oil and gas complex and the coal industry.
Smart city
The smart city urbanization digitalization project is being implemented as part of the national projects Housing and Urban Environment and the Digital Economy and is based on five key principles: human orientation; manufacturability of urban infrastructure; improving the quality of urban resource management; comfortable and safe environment; focus on economic efficiency (including the service component of the urban environment). The main tool for implementing these principles is the widespread introduction of advanced digital and engineering solutions in urban and municipal infrastructure.
Within the national project "Healthcare", the federal project "Creating a single digital circuit in healthcare based on a unified state health information system (USHIA)" is being implemented. The main directions of the project are: implementation and development of medical information systems in all healthcare organizations; electronic medical workflow between medical organizations and health authorities. It is planned that by 2024 a system of electronic prescriptions and automated management of preferential drug provision will be introduced in all Russian regions. By virtue of the patient's personal account "My Health" on the public services portal, it will be possible to make an appointment with a doctor as well as to arrange a medical examination, submit an application for a policy or medical documents regardless of the patient's region of residence.

The national project "Healthcare" also includes the federal project "Development of a network of national medical research centers and the introduction of innovative medical technologies", which involves the formation in Russia of a network of 27 national medical research centers by the end of 2022. They will contribute to the introduction of innovations in hospitals and based on regularly updated clinical recommendations, medical care quality control systems, which will appear in 750 medical institutions within six years.
The national project "Education" includes the federal project "Digital educational environment." It is aimed to create a modern and secure digital educational environment that ensures high quality and accessibility of education of all types and levels. The project involves the creation of a targeted model of a digital educational environment across the country, as well as introduction of modern digital technologies into educational programs of 25% of general educational organizations of 75 subjects of Russia for at least 500 thousand children, providing 100% of municipal educational organizations with the Internet with a connection speed of at least 100 Mb per second (compared to 50 Mb per second in rural areas ), and creation of a network of digital education centers "IT-cube", that could educate not less than 136 thousand children during a year.
Digital farming
To accelerate the development of the industry, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation is implementing a departmental project "Digital Agriculture". The key objective of the project is digital transformation of agriculture through the introduction of digital technologies and platform solutions to ensure a technological breakthrough in the agricultural sector and achieve a double increase in labor productivity in digital enterprises by 2024. Five basic directions have been identified in the development of digital agriculture: "Effective hectare", "Smart contracts", "From field to port" agricultural export, "Agricultural solutions for agribusiness" and "Land of knowledge".
Transport and logistics
The Russian government supported the proposal of the Ministry of Transport on the development of the departmental project "Digitalization of Transport and Logistics", which would create a single trusted protected space based on the intercalation of an ecosystem of digital platforms. According to the Minister of Transport Yevgeny Dietrich, the implementation of the project would allow to transform the freight and passenger transportation market, as well as change approaches to the infrastructure managing and transport safety ensuring, introduce drone technologies, and provide integration with the digital space of the Eurasian Economic Union states. The proceedings in these areas will be based on advanced domestic technologies.