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Science in the digital age
From basic science to the innovative economy
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Science for digital economy
By 2024, the state tends to provide a comprehensive digital transformation of the economy and social sphere in Russia. Digital transformation requires the introduction of modern technologies and platform solutions in all areas of the economy and government, as well as the development of information infrastructure and flexible system of legal regulation of the digital economy. Other necessary measures are training of highly qualified personnel, as well as the creation of effective mechanisms which could contribute to the information protection. Representatives of the scientific community play a large role in the implementation of these areas along with experts from business, government and industry groups.
Digital science
Within the framework of the national project "Science", three federal projects are being implemented, two of which are "Development of advanced infrastructure for research and development in the Russian Federation" and "Development of scientific and scientific-industrial cooperation". The first federal project, in particular, involves the creation of a digital system for managing services for the scientific infrastructure of collective use. The second is the development of a single digital platform for scientific and scientific-technical interaction, the organization and conduct of joint research in remote access, including those with scientists from abroad.

The state program "Scientific and technological development of the Russian Federation" has also been formed. It was developed considering the goals and targets of the national projects "Science", "Education" and "Digital Economy". Within the framework of this state program, in particular, the widespread introduction of online technologies in higher education and continuing education is expected owing to the creation and development of platform, service and integration solutions.